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Best Treatment For Plantar Fasciitis

It can take several months for symptoms to go away and the plantar fascia to be fully healed. Remember that a torn ligament (even only very tiny tears) only happens after repeated and extended stress and to reverse this, prolonged treatment will be required. Also, the longer the patient has been suffering from plantar fasciitis and the worse the heel pain, the longer the treatment will take. Usually a physician or other caregiver will examine you and sometimes even take x-rays. The X-Rays will let the caregiver know if there are any bone spurs, broken bones or other problems that need corrected to help treat the Plantar Fasciitis Plantar fasciitis occurs often in runners and other athletes. Plantar fasciitis is the most frequent cause of plantar (bottom of the foot) heel pain. For many years pain in this region has been incorrectly termed the "heel spur syndrome". It is better termed the "plantar heel pain syndrome" since a heel spur is not always found at this location. While a "heel spur" sounds ominous often the spur is present and does not cause any pain. The formation of a spur is a sign that too much tension has developed within the plantar fascia, partially tearing from its origin at the calcaneus (heel bone). plantar fasciitis relief The main question I get from patients about treating plantar fasciitis is "will I need surgery?" The answer to this is almost certainly not. Most heel pain sufferers could effectively self-treat their heel pain and get permanent relief without ever visiting a doctor. The reason I know this to be true is that I have tracked the progress of those patients that have been seen in my office. I see several patients with heel pain every single day in my office. In 2007 I only performed surgery on four patients for plantar fasciitis. Plantar fasciitis is brutal. The worst part about it is it seems to affect the most enjoyable parts of our lives. If you're into running, playing basketball or just walking on the beach, chances are exercise is one of the best things you have going on. Not being able to participate in these activities without pain just isn't fair! One type of footwear that isn't so readily available for plantar fasciitis sufferers is the sandal. This is due to the fact that creating a shoe without sides that is supportive enough to be considered healthy is a real challenge. Luckily for us ladies, Taos Footwear is up for the task! The principle of action of -J-Soothe is to promote the recovery of human body’s own immune system and repair functions for the degenerated joints, completely different from that of the NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) including common painkillers and COX inhibitors, which is analgesic by blocking the nerve signals or to inhibit the production of inflammatory enzymes to relieve inflammation; and that of corticosteroids which hinders the immune response to block pain signals. Therefore, results of -J-Soothe are felt slower but more lasting and without the dreaded side effects of the said drugs.